Why you should hire a Brisbane based app development company for your next project?

There are plenty of developers in cities all around Australia, so why should you choose a Brisbane based app development agency? It’s simple. We believe the best app developers are right here in Brisbane! The Queensland government agrees too! In efforts to become Australia’s Silicon Valley, they are offering great incentives to Brisbane based app development companies to help you build your app in Queensland instead of overseas. Being Brisbane based, The Innovation Agency is eligible for these incentives and government grants to help with the costs of developing your app. Although it isn’t cheap to have an app developed in Australia, here are some reasons why you should use an Australian app development agency:

IP Protection: This is a crucial reason why you should steer away from foreign app development agencies. Here at The Innovation Agency, we have met a considerable number of clients who have had their ideas ripped off by international companies. In various countries around the world, there are laws entitling the rights to own a software or app to the company who develops that software or app.

Security: Companies like ours use Australian servers updated with the latest firewalls and security measures to keep your project safe. We also have outstanding cyber security experts in Australia who understand how foreign entities attempt to breach Australian infrastructures and will implement safeguards to ensure this is infeasible.

Government Grants: The Australian Government is currently heavily investing in innovation. If you have an app idea that innovates an industry or is financially profitable to Australia, the government will often help fund the app development in Brisbane. This carries through to individual states as well. Therefore, we recommend using a Brisbane based app development agency to utilise the state level grants available for your project.

Quality: Since most app development agencies in Australia have in house designers that specialise in UI/UX or User Interface and User Experience, using an app development agency instead of a sole developer will ensure better quality for your project. These designers will not only make your app look beautiful, they ensure it is designed to get conversions or information in the least number of clicks without affecting the aesthetics of the app.

At the end of the day, the main reason you should use a Brisbane based app development agency is because you will receive a smooth handover and great quality work for your project.

Got an app idea? Get in touch with us! We are experts in the field, we love what we do, and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey!

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