Which type of app is best for your project?

App development refers to the development of software for mobile devices. From Uber, Instagram to Spotify, we all use apps everyday. It is safe to say that we all can hardly remember a world without apps. Businesses rely on apps to simplify processes and communicate with people around the world while the rest of us rely on them to help us navigate and organise our lives.

In the app development process, there are multiple languages and practices to be considered. A lesser known fact that many people don’t realise is iOS apps (made for Apple devices) and Android apps (made for Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, etc.) are coded in different coding languages. This essentially means that for one app to work across all Apple and Android devices, it needs to be built twice. Apple has developed its own language called Swift for all apps being placed on Apple devices. Swift is similar in structure to Python, Ruby and Objective C, but it has been specifically designed to utilise Apple’s cocoa touch system. The official language for Android apps development is Java, however, Android apps can also be developed in C#, C++ and Python. Whilst native Python apps don’t work on Android devices, there are tools available for conversion.


A web app is a software application built specifically for computer browsers (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.). Facebook is a great example of a web app. Although it has been developed for mobile devices, Facebook started out operating solely on web browsers. Other examples include more complex websites such as realestate.com.au, carsales.com.au and various online banking portals. These sites have likewise been adapted for mobile devices as well. Nevertheless, they all started and remained as web apps.


A hybrid app is a combination of native and web solutions. A native solution is the language designed for the operating system, Swift for iOS and Java for Android as previously mentioned. A web solution is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. An example of a hybrid app is one that The Innovation Agency developed for the Currumbin Clinic, which works on both iOS and Android devices. It was built with a web-based back end where the client can update content without having to code. Hybrid apps are becoming increasingly common as they significantly reduce the time needed to build an app for both iOS and Android systems.

So which solution is best for you? Generally, if your project is exclusively for mobile devices targeting one operating system (like a game or an Android/iOS specific task), then a native app is the best option for you. If your project is designed for computers and will be accessed using a browser, then a web app is what you need. Lastly, if your project is based on a web solution, but people will still need to access it with their mobile devices, then a hybrid app is the right choice.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to make these decisions by yourself. The Innovation Agency is more than happy to advise you with the optimal option based on the scope of your project. Our team of expert app developers will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the best solution.

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