Top 10 apps we use in house to help our business

Apps are undoubtedly an integral part of our lives. We all use multiple apps daily to socialise, organise and coordinate events or simply for entertainment. Yet we often forget many helpful apps when it comes to enhancing and advancing our businesses. Here at The Innovation Agency, we live by the motto ‘work smarter, not harder!’. Whenever we run into difficulties, it is most likely that someone else has created a solution for it. Below is a list outlining the apps we use daily in our business to make life easier for everyone.

SEMRush is an all in one Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool designed for businesses to monitor page rank progression, keyword effectiveness, and backlinking power, making it easier for you to build your online presence.

Nimbus Screen Capture
Many of our website clients come to us with questions regarding image replacement or font and size adjustments when updating their website. We have created a library of readily available recorded videos for our clients with this app. This saves us time in explaining repeatedly the same information and our clients are provided with more effective support rather than phone or email.

Adobe Creative Suite
All of our designs for brochures, apps, graphic designs, etc. are created through Adobe Creative Suite.

Mailchimp is a fantastic tool to easily build professional email marketing campaigns through templates. In our case, Mailchimp allows us to upload and maintain our own designs in one designated portal.

Skype provides us with the ability to screenshare, hold group video meetings, and send and receive documents. The app is a key support for our business communication, especially during these unprecedented times.

We utilise SEOptimer to predict the corrections needed for issues with our clients’ existing websites; as well as provide clients with progress reports so they can visualise clearly the positive impacts our work has brought to their business.

Meetup is an outstanding app for event organisation and generating interests for upcoming events. Prior to the pandemic, Meetup was a crucial tool for us to host or find local networking events.

CamCard is the most used app for our amazing sales team. The app allows you to scan business cards and upload them to your contact list. You don’t have to worry about retaining large piles of business cards or losing any of them as all the details are saved to your phone!

AnyDesk enables us to remotely access clients’ computers and fix the issues they may be experiencing should the solution not be resolved with the help of our recorded videos.

Do you have suggestions for other helpful tools? We are always looking for ways to implement innovation in our company. We would love to hear about them and share them with our clients and followers!

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