Things you should know about Brisbane app developers!

As the Queensland state government has pledged to make Brisbane Australia’s Silicon Valley, there has never been a better time than now to be an app developer in Brisbane. There is an immense amount of funding available to Brisbane based app developers to use on their own projects as well as their clients’. You can find out more about the Business Development Fund (BDF) here.

There is a strong probability your idea can receive funding if it can automate, speed up, or remove a service. ‘Disruption tech’ have the ability to disrupt an industry. Investors are particularly interested in these software packages as they be ahead of the game even if other competitors copy and flood the market. For example, Uber have essentially created the rideshare industry. Prior to Uber, most everyone relied on taxis, and now we can all easily catch an Uber.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner with a brilliant app idea but are simply lacking the funds to launch your app, having an investor on board is a very beneficial option. Should you not be emotionally attached to your app idea, selling your idea to a larger company is always a viable option. Many Brisbane app developers have close connections with investors through their line of work. Whenever someone has an app idea, they build and launch it. If it grows too slowly and they feel the app should be doing better, they either enlist an investor whilst maintaining control of their app, or they sell it off completely. In Australia, investment companies or SMEs generally purchase apps, provide marketing and advertising for these apps, then sell them to larger companies after the apps start gaining traction.

Another way to secure funding for your app is to bring in money from overseas. The Queensland government is encouraging Brisbane based app developers by offering incentives for them to create their own apps or assist with projects that will increase revenue for the state.
Having your app built locally in Australia means it is far less likely for your app code to be stolen or copied by foreign developers. For your peace of mind, The Innovation Agency is happy to sign nondisclosure agreements regarding your projects. We want your app to succeed because it’s beneficial to you and it looks great on our portfolio. However, the Australian government acknowledges that local app developers can be costly. A software developer in Australia can cost a company $90,000 to $110,000 a year as opposed to an overseas developer who costs $40,000 to $60,000. If you have ever obtained a quote for an app in Australia, you will undoubtedly notice this price difference. This is the main reason why some will still choose to have their projects developed overseas. The incentives offered by the Queensland government is to encourage you to spend that money within Australia, supporting local Brisbane based app developers.

Have you got an idea for a great app? Reach out to us today! Not only can we build your app, we offer advice and assistance with getting you investments or funding as well!

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