How can software and APP’s help your business?


There are many ways that software and APP’s can benefit your business and it is only limited by your imagination!

The beautiful thing about code is we are only limited by our imagination!

We know you understand how important it is for your business to be well established in the digital realm, but what we have also come to realise is most business owners don’t understand how to utilise digital to advance their business. We have found that most companies believe simply having a website built will bring new customers to their business, they have a cheap website built and 6 months later they are in the same position only they have spent more money! This is because they usually get their local freelancer to build it for them on WordPress and whilst it looks pretty it is likely this freelancer has no experience in marketing, SEO, e-commerce, coding (programming languages), AI, machine learning, data collection, APP development or software development. Whilst WordPress is great and we utilise it too, a basic freelancer or digital agency has no idea how to utilise different programming languages to develop systems and plugins that boost WordPress. So, how can software and apps benefit your business?

First of all we need to plan it! What is it you want to achieve?;

Is it speeding up your businesses processes?
Is it increasing sales?
Is it better informing your clients?
Is it data collection?

Once this is established, we can decide whether a web app, APP or software is the best option for your business. Whilst all of these are considered “software” each group is basically software utilised in different ways. We will also decide which technologies and languages we will use to make your project most efficient and cost-effective.

If a business just needs to speed up their processes because they are predominately paper-based and they already have a website, we code all their forms to communicate with their chosen platform and make it all an online process, allowing for the admin team to simply email people links instead of manually entering data from a patient or clients paper form.

If it’s data collection, we build a system where all the information collected by your admin team and website gets accumulated and you can extract important information from here that will allow you to better target future clients, predict roughly what age things start to go wrong, how many people have been through each month etc… all this information can help you adapt your business to better serve your customers and of course increase profits.

If it’s sales that need to be increased and the client already has a website or web app, we implement a solution that watches the user flow and figures out why the end-user is leaving when they reach specific pages. Often this will mean customising the check-out process to make it as simple as possible. If the customer is a middle man, we create a solution that automates the process between end-user, your business and end-user. If no solution exists we create a customised solution designed to make uploading and optimising products a dream, as well as ensuring users can move through the platform seamlessly.

At the end of the day, simplicity is key. If you have anything developed, make sure it is designed for minimum clicks, load speed and ease of use. There is no point in having a super flashy solution that takes 100 clicks to get to the conversion, users will just give up. Another very important thing, make sure YOU test it. No one will know what you want to achieve better than you! Don’t just take the developers word for it, it is very likely they have no background in UI/UX (User Interface, User Experience).

When we get to the more complicated and larger-scale projects we start looking into the use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, block-chain and artificial reality. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fantastic for speeding up the automation process of large scale projects. The beauty of these two is overtime they become more and more efficient and mix that with block-chain, you get a super secure hyper intuitive solution that will ensure the future of your business. Want an example of a super advance form of AI? Google IBM Watson. What they have created is spectacular.

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