How can software and apps help your business?

The beautiful thing about code is we are only limited by our imagination!

We know you understand how important it is for your business to be well established in the digital realm. With this being said, throughout our professional experience, we have also come to realise that many business owners fail to utilise digital to their advantage. They believe that simply having a website built will bring new customers to the business. Some opt for the cheapest option, hiring a local freelancer to build a WordPress website, only to find out 6 months later that they have spent money to be in the exact same position. Whilst we love WordPress as well, it is highly likely that your local freelancer has little to no experience and resources for marketing, SEO, ecommerce, coding programming languages, AI, machine learning, data collection, app development or software development. They would be unable to apply different programming languages to develop systems and plugins that can further boost WordPress.

To find out how software and apps can benefit your business, it is necessary to consider what is it you want to achieve:

  • Is it speeding up your business processes?
  • Is it increasing sales?
  • Is it better informing your clients?
  • Is it data collection?

Once this is established, we can determine whether a web app, app or software is best suited for your goals. We can also decide which technologies and languages we will use to guarantee the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you, our valued client.
If you already have a website and are only looking to speed up your predominantly paper-based business processes, we will code all your forms to communicate with your current platform to create a unified online process. This will allow you to easily link forms straight to your customers instead of manually entering data from paper forms.

If you wish to increase sales with your existing website or app, we monitor user flow and behaviours, pinpointing the reasons for revenue decline. With this information, we can implement solutions such as customising, automating or simplifying processes. Even when no apparent solutions are present, we work closely with you to adapt your business to better serve your customers and increase profits.
If you are interested in data collection, we can build a system that will accumulate all information collected by you and your website. You can then extract information from this system to target future customers, assess trends, and further manage and prevent risks to your business.

Large-scale projects in the digital realm utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, block-chain, and augmented reality. AI and machine learning are especially efficient in expediting the automation process of large scale projects. When integrated with block-chain, you can achieve a highly secure hyper-intuitive solution that will ensure the future of your business over time. If you are interested in learning more, check out how Google IBM Watson is a spectacular example of advance form AI.

Ultimately, whatever you need to develop, simplicity is key. Make sure it is designed for minimum clicks, load speed, and ease of use. There is no point in having an elaborate, fancy solution that takes 100 clicks to get to the conversion. Your users will lose patience and give up. Another critical point is to test the proposed solutions yourself. Don’t just take the developers’ word for it! No one will know what you want to achieve better than you!

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