Car Sales and Financing Web App for sale

We have developed a web app perfectly suited for the vehicle finance industry for any vehicle finance companies looking to upgrade. This app was designed to eliminate the need for face to face meetings with customers looking for financing on vehicles. In this portal, you will find a virtual car yard where cars can be listed and customers can search based on make, model and price. There is also car finance calculators and finance eligibility forms available. Beyond cars, the system has been thoughtfully designed for the effortless selling of any vehicle (trucks, boats, motorbikes, etc.). Whilst it is currently branded for car sales, we can quickly adapt it to any type of vehicles you prefer.

The best part is this package comes with 6 months of support including:
SEO – 6 months of professional SEO support
Branding – template editing to match your branding
Content – migration of all your existing content to your new site
Licence – no one else will have this system except you!
Customisation – we can change anything you’re not happy with!

For those who are interested in the development process, this web app was built in CodeIgniter, a PHP based framework. You can read more about this project here.



$70,000 OBO

We are selling this product under one licence agreement per country. You will own the product outright within your country and will have the right to utilise it as you see fit. Licences for regions can be purchased at a higher rate. Please contact us for more details.

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